Burrus Tells Congress: Compel USPS to Bargain Over Subcontracting

If Congress wants to limit USPS subcontracting, lawmakers should enact legislation compelling the Postal Service to bargain over the issue, APWU President William Burrus told a House subcommittee on July 19, rather than intervening in specific contracting-out disputes. 

In informal remarks to the subcommittee, NALC President Bill Young endorsed Burrus’ message. “Last time we testified before this committee, it seemed we were in total disagreement,” he said. “Today we are in total agreement.” It was the intervention of Congress that helped the NALC secure a tentative contract, he said. Requiring the Postal Service to engage in collective bargaining on subcontracting “is a good approach,” Young concluded.

At a hearing in April there was debate over whether subcontracting was a matter of public policy or collective bargaining, he noted. “It turns out, everyone was right.”
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