Postal Inspectors warn employees to avoid insurance scammers


Postal Inspectors are warning employees about a so-called “Employee Benefit Questionnaire” that a company operating under several names is distributing nationwide.

The scam questionnaire claims to help federal employees with “little knowledge of their benefits” by calculating retirement payments or obtaining passwords for their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and PostalEASE accounts. Employees should be on guard for “company representatives” who also may offer to help employees change TSP allotments. The company mails the surveys to postal work sites, giving employees the erroneous impression that USPS has endorsed them.

Employees who respond to the bogus survey are called by a salesperson who may falsely claim to be affiliated with the Postal Service. The salespeople also may appear at Post Offices, wearing IDs and sporting business cards that say they are from an insurance company.

 Inspectors remind employees to report to their managers anyone on the workroom floor who lacks a proper postal ID badge. Managers also are reminded that, as noted in the Administrative Support Manual, 271.6, employees may not receive personal mail at worksites. Such mail must be returned to sender.

You can call the Employee Service Line at 877-477-3273 if you have questions on employee benefits. Select Option 5, the Shared Service Center, to talk to a Human Resources representative.