Star Wars Stamps Available in Post Offices Today

From USPS 

Thirty years ago today, a film premiered in just over 30 theaters across the country. Not the biggest first-day showing a movie has ever had, but the ripples from those select theaters sent shockwaves across the cinematic universe still being felt today.

Star Wars — the movie, the cult phenomenon, the biggest grossing film series in history — hits the streets today as 15 stamps honoring characters from the film go on sale at Post Offices nationwide. The buzz for these stamps has been building since March, when the first R2-D2 wrapped collection boxes began appearing on street corners across America and at military bases here and abroad.

It’s expected the Star Wars stamps will be as popular as the movie. To make sure there are enough of them, USPS has printed 30 million sheets. That’s a total of 450 million Star Wars stamps for fans to collect.

A special first-day-of-issue ceremony is being held in Los Angeles tonight, but you don’t have to wait until then to purchase the stamps. They may come from a galaxy far, far away — but they’re available now at a Post Office close, close to you.