Photo: “Open Air” Post Office

 Open Air Post Office located in St. Petersburg, Fl.

From St.  “The original plans drawn by the government architect in the early 1900s called for a grand building set well above the sidewalk level with many steps leading up to it. Unsatisfied with these plans, Postmaster Roy Hanna submitted his own design which envisioned a street level post office without any steps and open on all sides allowing patrons to access their boxes at any hour. The design of the building called for loggia open on three sides to give the public access to offices and postal boxes at all times.  In 1969, the south wall and south one-third of the east wall were enclosed to allow for indoor service counters, air conditioning, heating and additional postal boxes. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.”

Also, the Open Air Station Post Office is the only station in Florida and one of a few in the country to deliver mail by bicycle. Carriers have used bikes since the Open Air post office opened in 1917. see photo: Delivering Mail By Bicycle in St Pete


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